• Birdwatching/naturetrips
Let`s go together to the forest or by the waters, you get the binoculars from me and also depending on the spot we can use the fieldscope. On birdwatch I give binoculars (Pentax and Nikon) to you to use during the trip and thus a different world opens up to the which you don`t see without binoculars. I teach you how to use binoculars to see and watch birds. I warn you, this is a pleasantly addictive activity! And so we walk in the fresh air, at a calm pace, moving away from everyday worries and nourishing the soul :). On naturetrip we are gonna check the bird and animal action signs in the forest, we talk about environment as well. Mostly we are gonna enjoy ourselves in the calmness of nature. We are gonna be more aware of the life in the forest and ourselves. Sometimes these little trips can change our lives!  
Suits every age!
Up to 10 people. Prices start at 80.-incl VAT

  • Special trip!
 Price upon agreement
Write to me if You something special in mind and we can figure out the best outcome.

Binoculars and fieldscope are included in the price.

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Liisi Peets
+372 5361 4919